CAST Classroom Mini-Grant

Attention teachers: Here is money for your science projects!  CAST members may apply for up to a $200.00 mini-grant to supplement their science program. Mini-grants are available for elementary, secondary and college-level teachers.

Just complete the online application. The CAST board will review requests at their next board meeting, make selections, and notify applicants. Grants will be awarded until allotted funds are depleted and winners will be announced on the web site. Hurry and submit your applications before funds run out. 

Applicants must be a member for at least one year before applying for the grant.

No more than one grant will be awarded to any one school in a two year period. In order for the money to have maximum impact, grants that utilize funds for non-consumable items will be given preference.  In order to be fully considered, mini-grant applications must include the quantity of materials to be purchased with grant funds, as well as the exact expense for the materials.  Applicants must be a member for at least one year before applying for the grant.

Mail-in grant requests should include a short letter telling us how you would use the money to supplement your classroom budget to strengthen your science program, including the quantity of materials to be purchased and the exact expense for the materials.  Be as specific as you can including catalog numbers if possible. Send to Sandy Smith, 4660 Topaz Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 or .

Past Mini-Grant Winners

Lisa Schott      Howbert Elementary, CSSD11

Lisa is a teacher librarian at Howbert Elementary in Colorado Springs School District 11. This school teaches 4th grade science and literacy lessons with science concepts during the day, and offers dozens of after school science/STEM programs for first through fifth graders.  Her request was for three mini-straw launchers, one package of precision straws, and six pairs of student safety glasses.  The Straw rocket launchers will be used to have students think about rocket design (cones and fins) and the weight of these designs.  They would also discuss trajectory (averaging  their trial launches), prediction and hypothesis, Newton’s Laws of Motion, timeline of rocketry and engineering jobs associated with rockets.   This grant was awarded May 2018.

Kendall Paul Hovel

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