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CAST Classroom Mini-Grant

Attention classroom science teachers !  Is there some science equipment that your students could really use - or a new activity that you want to try out with your students but just don't have the money?  Here is your chance for funding. The application (info below) is easy to complete.

CAST members* may apply for up to a $200 mini-grant to supplement their science program. Mini-grants are available for elementary, secondary and college-level teachers. Grants that utilize funds for non-consumable items or for innovative activities will be given preference. A thoughtful, detailed**, and complete application improves your chance of getting funding.

* Applicants must be a CAST member for at least one year before applying for the grant. 

** Include specific materials (items, source, cost) to be purchased with the grant monies. If awarded you will be expected to send a copy of the receipt to the CAST treasurer.

In order to support more teachers in more schools, CAST reserves the right to limit the number of grants awarded to a particular individual or school in a 2 year period

To apply for a mini-grant, please click on the link below or follow the directions for mailing in your grant request.  Once your request is received, the regional directors of the CAST board (from your region) will review the requests and convey their decision to the CAST Treasurer. The treasurer will notify applicants (both those granted and those denied) and arrange for payment. Grants will be awarded until allotted funds are depleted. Winners will be posted on the web site. 

Hurry and submit your applications before funds run out.

 Online Mini-Grant Application 

RECENT Winners of Mini-Grants ! 

11.2022 - Karin Pacot - Ellicott Elementary

 11.2022 - Jia Wern Hue - The Vanguard School Charter School at Harrison School District 2

 11.2022 - Sandra Smith - Falcon Home School Academic Program – D49

12.2021 - Kristal Domenico - Berthoud High School - Region I - $200 to pay for Smart Phone Adapters for Microscopes and Telescopes 

10.2021 - Susanne Petri - Rock Canyon High School - Region I - $200 to contribute towards a MinION sequencer starter kit - a compact, portable device that requires the use of a computer and software to run nanopore sequencing experiments

8.2021 - Tiffeny O'Dell - Beyers Elementary School - Region II - $200 to pay for a weather station and mounting pole

7.2021 - Sandra Weeks - Rocky Mountain High School - Region I - $120 to pay for a pH probe and a stir plate 


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