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 Jan. 17th 6:00 PM, MST

"STEM-ifying Your Lessons"

Presented by: Kristina Stem

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    The 2022 Colorado Science Conference 

    Was held November 5, 2022.  Guest speakers included Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, an astronomer and well-known author who specializes in teaching science and mathematics, and our very own Autumn Rivera, Colorado Teacher of the Year and CAST President-Elect.

    Congratulations to our 2022 Awardees!

    Congratulations to our

    CAST Excellence in Science Teaching Award Winner 2022!

    Paige Kraus

    Encompass Heights Elementary

    Congratulations to our

    AVS Excellence in Science Teaching Award Winner 2022!

    Janet Krompier

    High Plains Elementary

    Colorado Science Conference 2022


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    A group of science teachers first met to organize CAST in April of 1957.  Over 100 teachers met and the dues were $1.  

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