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The Colorado Association of Science Teachers' goal is to support, stimulate, and improve science education for students of all ages in Colorado. Please keep in touch with CAST through this website and the social media listed below.  

Elnore Grow, Kathy Rosborough (Region 1), DMNS Educator Night, 9/23/19
Kathy Rosborough (Region 1), DMNS Educator Night, 9/23/19
Kathy Rosborough, Greta Glugoski-Sharp (both Region 1), DMNS Educator Night, 9/23/19
CAST Table, EdTech Summit, April, 2019
CAST Board Social (Zoom) 6/12/2020, night before board meeting
Colorado Science Conference, 11/8/19 Celebrating the Periodic Table in Cupcakes!
Lee Marek, Guest Speaker, CSC 11/8/19
Randi (Rural Scholarship Recipient), Jamie Seabolt (President-Elect), CSC 11/8/19
Ryan Johnson (President), Brenda Holmes-Stanciu (AVS Award), CSC 11/8/19
Ryan Johnson (President), Kerry Adams (Rural Scholarship Recipient), Jamie Seabolt (President-Elect), CSC 11/8/19
Sandy Smith (Treasurer), CSC 11/8/19


Colorado Science Conference

The keynote speakers this year will be

Dr. Tyler Lyson and Dr. Ian Miller from Denver Museum of Nature & Science

After the Asteroid: Colorado Discovery that Rocked the World

Sixty-six million years ago a 6 mile wide asteroid slammed into Earth and caused the extinction of more than 75% of life on Earth, including the dinosaurs. This was the single worst day for life on Earth. How and when life rebounded in the aftermath of the extinction has been shrouded in mystery due to a poor fossil record. An extraordinary new discovery east of Colorado Springs preserves a remarkably complete fossil record with entire fossil mammals, turtles, crocodiles, and plants and paints a vivid picture of how life rebounded after Earth’s darkest hour. 


to the WINNER of our September, 2020 Classroom Materials Drawing! 

Jane Wilson from Region II opted to purchase 2 books from the NSTA bookstore, Uncovering Student Ideas about Engineering and Technology and Discovery Engineering in Biology:  Case Studies for grades 6-12.

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A group of science teachers first met to organize CAST in April of 1957.  Over 100 teachers met and the dues were $1.  

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