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Ramblings, November 2018

02 Aug 2018 6:43 PM | Rosemary Filangi (Administrator)

CAST Members,

Welcome to the CAST Blog.   Several members have requested that the "Ramblings" be revived.  So...board members will periodically be sharing their thoughts and musings on a regular basis.

CAST Presidential Ramblings, July 2018

Hello, CAST members!! Thank you for all you do for science education in Colorado, and for our science scholars of all ages! My name is Ryan Johnson, the current President of CAST. I am a chemistry educator at Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, and am honored to serve on the CAST Board of Directors to further the message of the importance of science education in our beautiful state. Together with the amazing Board of CAST and the new President-Elect, Jami Seabolt, I am excited to continue to work with and for you to bring powerful development and opportunities to science educators throughout Colorado.

As CAST is a chapter of the National Science Teachers’ Association, I had the privilege of attending the NSTA National Congress on Science Education this past month in Little Rock, Arkansas, and wanted to report back to you all a little on the issues surrounding our profession from our colleagues across the country. This meeting takes place annually for chapters and associated groups of NSTA to come together, address any pressing matters, and direct the goals of NSTA for the coming year. As a fairly new member of CAST, and my first time to the National Congress, it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest! But it was a wonderful opportunity, and I enjoyed working with affiliate members from states ranging from Oregon and Washington, to Mississippi and Louisiana. It was heartening to hear of the struggles and successes that other chapters are encountering throughout the country! I learned about the practices of many other state organizations, and am very excited to bring some of those ideas back to Colorado with me, to help connect with you, our members, and all science education professionals throughout our state. The favor I need from you is for you to go GET someone, another science educator from your department or your school, and bring them to CAST! Bring them to the Colorado Science Conference in the fall, or to a Region meeting, or have them follow us on Twitter or Facebook! So many people have never even hear of CAST and what we offer, so speak out!

How often have you heard a colleague, or maybe even yourself, utter the phrase “I am just a teacher”? I know I’ve probably done exactly that before, either to a friend or to myself. It’s easy to minimize ourselves and our incredible profession because so much of what we do is behind the scenes, working late in the classroom, or endless grading at the kitchen table in our homes. I would challenge you all to change that paradigm. We are NOT “just teachers”, we have the awesome opportunity to help kids bridge the gap between “I can’t” and “I CAN!” We are the ultimate change agents, and need to harness our position to speak up and out for science education. We cannot be curmudgeonly, grumbling about low pay, about ignorance, or that our administration doesn’t get it. We have to show what “professional” looks like and teach curiosity, inside and outside the 4 walls of our classrooms!  

Ryan Johnson  


  • 26 Aug 2018 11:32 AM | Autumn Rivera (Administrator)
    Great thoughts Ryan! We aren't 'just' teachers we are so much more! It reminds me of Kenneth Miller's speech at lasts year's Colorado Science Conference. Dr. Miller spoke about the best time to teach science is now! Each day we are discovering or learning more! What a great thing!
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